My sincere gratitude to my friends and lexxians, who encouraged me for this project. Special thanks to those who let me publish their works, which are not only interesting texts or nice art, but a source of inspiration for me. And I am very glad that my writings gave some creative ideas for other authors too.

Authors published on the site:

  • Kayro Egipetskaya – magnificent art and collages
  • Janika Banks – analytic articles
  • HDTodin – awesome master of the role playing game, who keeps the divine assassin busy
  • Alia New – pseudo-research, equal to scientific proceedings
  • Darii – heart-piercing portrait of the “dead boy”
  • Asura – one of my drabbles was inspired by her drawing
  • Maniac – for the careful retention of the “Nook library” and kind permission to use its resources. Materials, dated 2000-2004 years come from there
  • Narwen – cute drawings at which I want to look over and over

Special thanks to my husband, who resolved all complicated technical issues.

I really appreciate all of the opinions and valuable feedback I already received.

May something good fall upon you!